Why Should You Hire an Automobile Accident Lawyer Hollywood FL?

by | Jan 15, 2018 | Lawyer

Automobile accidents are difficult to deal with and sometimes leave behind serious injuries that can impede a person’s ability to live a normal life. Because the process of pursuing compensation is not always an easy one, it behooves injured victims to seek help from an Automobile Accident Lawyer Hollywood FL. With legal help, seeking compensation is much easier and less stressful for a victim, allowing them the time they need to focus on getting back to their normal life as much as possible.

How Does a Lawyer Help?

Lawyers help their injured clients in a variety of ways, making sure they are able to receive the fair compensation they deserve. The first step the lawyer takes is meeting with their client to go over the details of the accident and the client’s injuries. At this meeting, information is shared and the victim learns how much their claim is likely worth and the steps that will need to be taken so a fair outcome can be achieved.

Once the lawyer has been hired, they launch an investigation into the accident. The goal of this investigation is to learn all the facts of the case and gather as much evidence as can be found so there will be no issues pursuing the case in court.

The lawyer will negotiate with the insurance company and will file a lawsuit on behalf of their client, if necessary. The lawyer will work to be able to get the largest settlement available to their client so their medical needs and losses will be taken care of.

Understanding Florida Laws

In the state of Florida, injured victims have four years from the date of their accident to file a lawsuit. This is important to remember because if the victim waits too long, they could end up forfeiting their rights to seek compensation. It is also important to note, the state of Florida does not place any caps on the amount of compensation an injured victim can seek.

Those who have been injured in a serious automobile accident are encouraged to hire an Automobile Accident Lawyer Hollywood FL. If you would like to schedule a consultation contact the Law Offices of McCullough & Leboff P.A.

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