When a person is arrested and locked up, posting a bail bond in Atlanta may be required to obtain a release from jail. Posting bail allows an individual to leave jail with the understanding that an appearance in court on the scheduled date is mandatory. If the defendant fails to appear in court for any reason, the bail will be revoked, and a warrant will be issued for the defendant’s arrest.

The Process

To post bail, a bail bondsman will collect a set fee from the defendant and pay the court for the client’s release. The bail bondsman assumes the responsibility for the defendant to arrive in court on the designated court date and does so by pledging the bail money.

Most bail is about 10% of the value of the amount posted. For example, if bail were set at $2,500, the bail bond agent would give the court $250 to have the defendant freed from jail. In a sense, bail is like an insurance policy with the money being deposited in the court until the defendant has finished making all of the required court appearances. In most cases, any money that was deposited for bail will be returned after the court proceedings have been completed as long as the defendant attended all of the court dates. This applies even if the defendant was found guilty at the trial.

Bail Bondsman

A bail bond company, such as Free At Last Bail Bonds, may be reached at any hour of the day or night. This can be quite helpful for family members who are seeking to have a loved one released during unconventional hours. Arrangements can be made with the bail bond agent who will go before the judge and guarantee that the defendant will appear in court. Bail money must be paid in cash, by cashier’s check, by money order, or with a property bond. If paid with using a property bond, the court will take possession of the property if the defendant fails to appear to any of the dates set by the court.

Posting bail allows the charged party to leave jail until the appointed court date. This can give the defendant time to gather any evidence that may help with the case. The Bail bond in Atlanta can be processed faster if a bail bond company is used since they are familiar with the local court requirements.