Refusing a DNA Test Can Lead to a Lawsuit by a Paternity Attorney in Jefferson County MO

by | Sep 4, 2018 | Lawyer

What happens if a man who is possibly the father of a child refuses to take a paternity test? Perhaps he does not want anything to do with the child and is completely willing to give up all his paternal rights. This man can refuse to cooperate, but the mother can hire a Paternity Attorney in Jefferson County MO for assistance. A lawyer with an organization such as Wegmann Law Firm may petition the court with the request.

Contempt of Court

A judge is likely to issue a court order demanding that the man submit to a paternity test if there is evidence he could be the father. If he still refuses, he can be held in contempt of court. Penalties can include steep fines and even jail time. Criminal charges might be filed.

An Automatic Judgment

Some men think they can just accept those consequences instead of the possibility of admitting to being a father and being required to pay child support for many years. However, the court might issue an automatic judgment against this defendant because of the noncompliance.

This might happen if there is other strong evidence that the man fathered the child. An ongoing relationship with the mother during that time frame, especially if she was not involved with anyone else, is a major point of evidence.

Child Support Implications

Of course, if the court orders the defendant to start making support payments, it’s obviously in the man’s best interest to submit to the test. Now he will learn whether he is indeed the father. But this may not absolve him of support payments immediately.

A Paternity Attorney in Jefferson County MO knows that the court typically puts the welfare of the child over all other concerns. A man who refuses to be tested when he very well could be the father is essentially interfering with normal legal process. He could end up having to pay child support even if the test determines he is not the biological father. Now it may become his responsibility to track down the real biological father if he ever hopes to be free of support payments. Like us on Facebook.

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