A Scaffold Accident Attorney in Queens County, NY Understands Common Reasons for These Incidents

by | Oct 24, 2017 | Lawyer

When it comes to a scaffold accident attorney in Queens County, NY, residents can count on these dedicated professionals. This type of lawyer is familiar with the reasons why scaffolding accidents occur and the harm that can be done.

Scaffolding Dangers

Scaffolding is mainly used in the construction industry. These platforms are intended to provide a safe place for workers when they need to complete tasks off the ground. When something goes terribly wrong, workers can fall from a substantial height. Another danger is tools and building materials falling from the scaffold onto workers below.

Understanding Workers’ Comp and Lawsuits

People who are employees of a company normally receive compensation for injuries through the workers’ compensation system. They are not legally allowed to file a lawsuit.

There are three main exceptions. These include when the workers are self-employed and providing service on a contract basis, when the accident was due to an equipment malfunction, and when the incident occurred because a third-party scaffolding company erected the equipment and is liable for the malfunction.

When an equipment manufacturer or another third party is liable, the person may be able to collect workers’ compensation through the employer’s insurer and also acquire a settlement from the third party. This complicated scenario should be managed by a scaffold accident attorney in Queens County, NY has available.

Causes of Scaffolding Accidents

Poorly designed equipment, such as scaffolds without guardrails or toeboards, account for a large percentage of accidents. Failures of the rails, locks and bracing also cause dangerous incidents. Insufficient training for the workers is also implicated in many accidents. Inadequate supervision has also been cited, including direct supervision of the workers and of the entire site.

Legal Representation

When receiving help from an organization such as the Law Office of Steven R. Smith, the injured worker doesn’t have to feel anxious about receiving a settlement that is much lower than deserved. The attorney will provide aggressive representation so the client can obtain the compensation that addresses all aspects of the situation, which may include physical pain and suffering and ongoing emotional trauma. Visit Online and learn about scheduling a free consultation.

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