Starting A Claim With A Personal Injury Attorney In Storrs, CT

by | Oct 16, 2017 | Lawyers and Law Firms

In Connecticut, consumer rights are protected according to state and federal laws. These laws prevent manufacturers from releasing products that could injure or kill consumers based on flawed designs or errors during the assembly process. A Personal Injury Attorney in Storrs CT provides legal assistance for all consumers who are injured while using these products.

Reporting the Product to the Consumer Rights Protection Agency

Consumers or their attorneys can start by filing a report with the Consumer Rights Protection Agency. The report must identify the product, the manufacturer, and explain the consumer’s injuries in detail. The government agency has the authority to investigate and recall any products that they deem dangerous to consumers.

Investigating the Product

When investigating the product, the attorney must submit the exact product used by the consumer to the testing facility. The forensic tests determine all instances in which a consumer could sustain an injury using the product. The packaging for the product is examined to determine if the manufacturer warned the consumer about any potential risk associated with how they use the product.

What is Needed for the Case?

The consumer must provide all medical records for their injuries linked to using this product. They must also provide the exact product used as evidence for the claim; they cannot buy another model of the same product. Their doctor may be needed to testify about the victim’s injuries, and lab technicians who conducted forensic testing are often called to provide the results of their tests.

Product Recalls and Class-Action Lawsuits

The Consumer Rights Protection Agency determines if a product recall is required for the product. This recall could change how the victim files a legal claim against the manufacturer. If multiple consumers were injured, a class-action lawsuit is filed to represent all victims.

In Connecticut, consumer rights are upheld, and all consumers who were injured while using any product can file a legal claim against the manufacturer. When filing, the consumer must present details about their injuries and any financial losses incurred due to these injuries. Victims of a product liability contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Storrs CT through Kahan Kerensky and Capossela LLP today.

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