Questions A Family Law Attorney In Cincinnati, OH Could Answer

by | Oct 30, 2017 | Lawyer

In Ohio, divorces present complex requirements for families that could produce major changes in their lives. These complexities could present children with more rights than their parents realize and place determinations for child custody out of their hands. A Family Law Attorney in Cincinnati OH can answer questions about the complexities that arise during a divorce.

Why is a Guardian Ad Litem Assigned to a Custody Case?

A guardian ad litem is assigned to enable children that are at least twelve years old to present their wishes concerning where they want to live. This enables the child to acquire their preference if the court determines the parent of choice can provide for the child financially and provide a stable home.

Happens if a Child Petitions the Court for Emancipation?

Essentially, a child who petitions the court to become emancipated from their parents is implying that the living conditions with their parents are intolerable. Emancipation gives the child the authority to live on their own and support themselves financially, and the state will need to investigate any allegations of neglect or abuse presented in their claim. All children who seek this action must have a place to live and a job to support themselves, and they must provide evidence of these facts to the court.

Does the Parent with the Largest Income Always Get Custody?

No. If the court makes a child custody determination, it is based on which parent presents the most suitable living environment. It doesn’t involve which parent has the highest income in every case, and custodial parents typically acquire child support to make up differences in income.

Is Child Support Ordered in All Cases?

No, if the parents choose not to seek child support, the court will not require it. Typically, parents who have shared custody and provide the same amount of financial support for the child won’t request child support.

In Ohio, divorces could present complex situations that could lead to further court cases. The impact on the child could lead to additional rulings that aren’t favorable for parents, and this can lead to a desire to become emancipated in some cases. Families that need legal advice from a Family Law Attorney in Cincinnati OH can visit website for more info now.

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