Why You Need A Criminal Defense Attorney

by | Dec 30, 2019 | Lawyers

While you are technically innocent until proven guilty, once you have been charged with a criminal act, the odds are immediately stacked against you. Whether you are the subject of an isolated event or a repeat offender, a criminal defense lawyer St Johns County can help better your circumstances, and here are three reasons why.

They Understand The Legal System

General knowledge of the law is not enough to help you beat a case in criminal court. However, a criminal defense attorney’s livelihood depends on knowing the judicial system inside out, including which exceptions can be made to better your case and whether evidence filed against you was legally obtained or not.

They Will Communicate For You

Making the wrong choice of words can cost you greatly. An experienced attorney knows how to doctor your statements to work to your advantage and omit context that can be used against you.

Your Consequences Are Likely To Be Less Harsh

Criminal defense attorneys know which tools are needed to reduce your charges, lessen your penalties, and even get your case dismissed. Also, most prosecutors and attorneys are familiar with each other, so your case may be handled more delicately.

While you can always opt to be represented by a court-appointed attorney, you may find that they show little attention to your case, putting you at risk of receiving the bad end of a deal. Selecting your own Criminal Defense Lawyer St Johns County is your best shot at securing your freedom.

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