Why You May Need a Lawyer Who Specializes in Family Law in Temecula, California

People never know when the may need legal advice from a law firm or attorney who practices family law. Family law covers a lot of areas, such as adoptions, divorces, child support issues, legal custody battles, domestic violence cases, prenuptial agreements, mediation counseling, and a few other family concerns. A law firm that practices family law in Temecula, California can advise and aid clients in the area who are experiencing family issues. Here is a brief look at family law in California.

Some Things About Family Law in California

One of the biggest issues in family law is divorce, and in California, the process can be lengthy and complex when it comes to the division of property and the children. Because California is a no-fault state when it comes to divorces, the courts will not consider who is at fault for the divorce when it comes to dividing the property. As far as child custody goes, the decision will be made on what is in the best interest of the child or children involved.

More About Family Law in California

Another issue in family law may be for adoption, which is a process that can cost a couple thousand dollars or as much as 40 thousand dollars. If it is an interstate adoption or international adoption, the process will take a lot longer than adopting a child in California. A family lawyer may also be needed when a couple is thinking of getting married and wants to put a prenuptial clause in the marriage. A person with other family law issues, such as domestic violence or child support will also need a lawyer.

A Law Firm in California for Family Law

Many lawyers that practice family law can be found throughout California. The Law Office of Michelle Penna is a law firm in Temecula, California that practices family law. Anyone looking for a lawyer or law firm for family law in Temecula, California can contact this law firm. For more information, browse the website.