Nearly all injury cases, including those involving vehicle collisions, are settled out of court. There may be some time spent on negotiations with the insurance company, but the case only proceeds to trial if the claimant and the insurer reach a stalemate. If the injured person has not yet turned the case over to a lawyer, it’s time to contact a Car Accident Attorney in Barboursville WV has available for representation.

Taking the Case More Seriously

Even at this point, the case likely will not proceed to trial. The insurance company begins taking matters more seriously when approached by a Car Accident Attorney in Barboursville WV residents rely on. Now, the risk of going to court is real, and the insurer does not want this to happen. The supposed maximum settlement amount previously offered to the client quickly is made higher.

Considering the Attorney’s Fee

People sometimes hesitate to hire an accident attorney because they know they’ll have to pay part of the settlement to this lawyer. The advantage, however, is that they will typically receive a larger amount even after the attorney’s fee than they would have received without legal representation.

Consider a case in which the claimant believes a settlement of $25,000 is reasonable. The insurer is only willing to pay $15,000. Once a lawyer takes the case and using knowledgeable influence in a higher settlement demand, the insurer may raise its maximum to $40,000.

The lawyer has asked for significantly higher amount because various factors were taken into account that the claimant never thought of. Compensation for psychological trauma is just one example. Now, after the attorney’s standard 33-percent fee is taken off the top, the client receives $26,800.

Dealing With Additional Demands

The insurance company may make some of its own demands in response to a lawyer becoming involved. An attorney from an organization such as Stapleton Law Offices can walk the client through the process of meeting those demands if they are not unreasonable. For instance, the adjusters may want the person and all the relevant medical records to be evaluated by an impartial doctor. This is a request that could come up if the case were to proceed to trial. Visit online to learn about this particular organization.