Why Legal Help with Disability Benefits in Grand Haven Makes Sense

Whether the disability is the result of a chronic condition or an accident, it pays to find out what benefits are available. The process of securing those Disability Benefits in Grand Haven will be easier if the individual hires an attorney. Here are some of the ways that legal help will make it easier to navigate through the application process and increase the odds of securing the benefits sooner rather than later.

Facing a Mountain of Paperwork

The process of applying for Disability Benefits in Grand Haven can be intimidating. That’s especially true for people who have trouble with paperwork in general. Rather than wondering if the responses include all the details that are needed, why not have an attorney on hand who can simplify the process? A person who can explain the terminology used on the application and help the client understand what type of information is needed to provide a concise answer will improve the odds of obtaining the benefits on the first try.

Reviewing a Rejected Application

It’s not unusual for the first application for benefits to be denied. Typically, it’s not because the individual does not deserve to the benefits. It’s simply because more information is needed. The lawyer can go over the original application, paying special attention to whatever reason was given for the denial.

Keep in mind the lawyer will look beyond the stated reasons and look for other issues that could lead to another rejection. That’s because the reviewer may have stopped once the first issue was spotted and didn’t check the remainder of the application.

Appealing the Denial

If the lawyer finds nothing that needs to be changed, it’s time to take the matter before a review board. The legal counsel can petition for a hearing with relative ease. Once the hearing is scheduled, the lawyer will arrange to be there and make a case for the client. This is especially helpful if the patient’s condition makes attending the hearing impossible.

Don’t try to secure disability benefits without the aid of legal counsel. Call the team at here today and schedule a consultation. Doing so will be the first step in obtaining the support needed.