Do You Need A Social Security Lawyer When Filing For Disability Benefits?

The fact is, when you are dealing with the Federal Government it is bound to be difficult. Although it is not mandatory to have a Social Security lawyer in Michigan when you claim disability benefits, there is no doubt that having one helps considerably.

When you are suffering from a disabling condition you want to focus on your family and how you can support them, not trying to deal with the bureaucracy. A seasoned Social Security lawyer can ensure that you do all the right things and do them in a timely fashion. Having a lawyer does not guarantee that you will eventually be granted benefits but it does guarantee that the application and subsequent appeals will be done right.

The application:

When you decide that applying for disability benefits is in your best interest the first step is to complete the initial application. This is a critical document, bear in mind that less than one third of all initial applications are approved, you want yours to be one of them.

When you choose a good Social Security lawyer in Michigan the lawyer can work with you while you develop your claim. The Administration is looking for details of your employment history, your medical history, your impairment, age and other critical items. Once the Administration receives the application it will be reviewed; if your application is amongst the two thirds that are denied then your lawyer becomes even more important.

The appeal:

You will be given 60 days to set in motion your appeal. The first stage is to ask the SSA to reconsider their decision, rarely does this result in approval. The next step is perhaps the key, you can request to have your application heard by an Administrative Law Judge.

This is the first and only time when you will be given an opportunity to actually speak to an official and support your application. In many cases your initial denial of benefits will be overturned by the ALJ.

It is a wise move to engage the professional services of a Social Security lawyer in Michigan. If you are about to apply for disability benefits you are invited to first contact website.