When An Employee Should Contact A Work Injury Lawyer In Burlington VT

by | Sep 4, 2017 | Lawyer

A workplace injury can be devastating and leave a person without the ability to perform their job duties and earn wages. The majority of employers are required to have worker’s compensation insurance that will provide coverage for these incidents, and help to pay for any medical bills and reimburse employees for lost wages. Despite this, some companies will fight an employee and prevent them from getting the money they deserve or compensation for any medical treatment that they may need. When this happens, be sure to contact a Work Injury Lawyer in Burlington VT right away.

Unpaid Medical Bills

A minor injury can lead to hundreds of dollars worth of medical expenses, and even though a person may report that their employer is responsible, the medical debt will still fall on the employee. If a company does not pay for these expenses, it can cause extreme stress and cause damage to their credit. An attorney will be able to hold a company accountable and ensure that medical bills don’t have the chance to ruin an employee’s financial stability.

Wage Reimbursement

Many individuals don’t realize that a company is responsible for replacing any wages that they may have lost as a result of a workplace injury. Most workers compensation policies provide this protection, but if an employer doesn’t have the necessary insurance, then they are ultimately responsible. A Work Injury Lawyer in Burlington VT can sue a company and force them to compensate a person for any lost wages and restitution if the loss of wages causes them any mental or financial hardships.

Wrongful Termination

It is illegal for a company to fire a person just because they sustained a workplace injury due to no fault of their own. Despite it being illegal, many companies still choose to do it so they can prevent having to pay lost wages. An attorney can sue a company for wrongful termination and get a person the money for any medical bills, lost wages, and compensation for the mental turmoil that results.

Don’t let an employer cheat an employee out of the money they are due. Be sure to contact the law office of McVeigh Skiff LLP when issues surrounding workplace injuries arise. He and his team can support a person and fight to get them the money they deserve.

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