What Steps Will a Lawyer in Junction City, KS, Take to Help Accident Victims?

by | Aug 10, 2016 | Lawyer

Auto accident injuries affect many people for the rest of their life. Although the outward wounds may heal, the pain sometimes never stops. When people are seriously injured in auto accidents they did not cause, they need to be aware of their right to hire a lawyer in Junction City, KS. A lawyer can help victims overcome the obstacles that are standing in the way of them being able to settle their claim successfully.

The first step in the process of settling an auto accident injury claim is meeting with the lawyer. This meeting allows a victim to bring in all of the information and evidence they have access to, so the lawyer can advise them on how much their claim is worth and what their legal options are. In most auto accident claims, the victim must first pursue the insurance company of the at-fault driver.

Lawyers will negotiate with the insurance company, working to make sure their client is given fair consideration. Once the insurance company comes back with their decision, the lawyer will assist the victim in knowing whether or not they should accept the offer or continue to negotiate. It is up to the injured plaintiff to make the final decision. If the lawyer feels the settlement offer is not fair or if it has been denied, the pursuit of compensation may occur through court.

A lawyer in Junction City, KS, will carefully take time in the process of gathering evidence for the claim to go to court. The full burden of proving a case rests on the shoulders of the lawyer and their client. If they cannot prove liability and measurable damages, the jury or judge will not be able to award compensation in the claim. With the guidance of a lawyer, victims are more likely to get the compensation they deserve.

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