A wrongful death claim is filed by the surviving family members of one who has died because of the direct actions or neglect of another. There are many areas one can sue for, including emotional distress and funeral costs. It is important people understand how to file a Wrongful Death Lawsuit Davie FL so they can be sure they properly proceed through each step. This information will allow victims to better understand what they will need to go through as they file their lawsuit.

When one has lost a loved one, they typically have a year to make a decision on whether or not to file a Wrongful Death Lawsuit Davie FL. Although no one wants to think about filing a lawsuit when they are grieving, waiting too long can end up causing important evidence to be compromised. The fresher the evidence is the better the chances of a successful investigation. These lawsuits can be filed even if a person is not faced with criminal charges for the death they caused.

It is important a person first learns if they have the right to file a wrongful death lawsuit. The surviving spouse, parents, and children of the deceased have the right to file a lawsuit. An adult relative or adoptive sibling can also file a lawsuit if they were wholly dependent on the deceased for their support or services. Once it has been determined a person has the legal right to file the suit, it behooves them to hire a lawyer to help them in the process.

Most wrongful death lawyers work on contingency so a person does not have to pay upfront costs. A lawyer will send a letter of demand to the responsible party and their insurance company, if applicable. If the demands are not met, negotiations will continue or a lawsuit will be filed.

In the event of a lawsuit, a lawyer fully represents a client through the entire process to ensure they get the right outcome. They understand the emotional pain their clients go through and will work to lessen it as much as possible.

If you are in need of a wrongful death lawyer, contact the Law Offices of McCullough & Leboff, P.A. Allow them to provide you with the information you need so you can get started on your claim.