Recovering from an auto accident can be draining, especially in an accident that has caused trauma, injuries, or death. The Jaklitsch Law Group can help connect you with our accident lawyer in College Park. Here are three reasons when contacting an accident lawyer can bring you peace of mind.

You Don’t Understand Your Rights

Unfortunately, auto accidents are common on the road, and not understanding your rights can leave you with high medical bills, repercussions from bad faith insurance, or other unexpected complications. If you feel uneasy because you don’t understand your rights in an accident, our accident lawyer in College Park can help you out.

A Death Has Resulted From the Accident

You should immediately contact an accident lawyer if a death has resulted from the accident. Whether you were the driver or if you’ve lost a loved one, we can help you.

Serious Injuries Might be Permanent

We can help you understand the regulations and laws that apply to your case if you suffered serious injuries that might be permanent. A significant benefit when hiring an accident attorney is that accident lawyers are trained to help you handle your claim and can advise you of your options.

Contact Us for More Details

If you need counsel for auto accident cases, contact the Jaklitsch Law Group. We care about your needs, and our knowledgeable team is ready to listen to your concerns. By working with us, we’ll guide you through the process and connect you with a car crash attorney from our firm. Call today or visit our website for more details.