Suffering a devastating injury or illness can catch you off-guard. You are not prepared for all of the medical expenses, lost income and emotional suffering that you incur. You also have questions about whether or not you have any right to pursue compensation from the person who caused your pain.

When you need to connect with a personal injury attorney Wetumpka, AL patients want to do so at their own convenience. You can reach out to a law firm like Courtney & Mann LLP on your own time table by connecting with it on social networking sites like Facebook.


By using social media to reach out to a personal injury attorney Wetumpka, AL clients like you can enjoy the same level of privacy that you would receive in person. Law firms like Courtney & Mann LLP make it a point to keep its Facebook messages and conversations private. No one will know that you made contact via this means as long as you do not share your messages with others on the website.

The lawyer can also provide a limited amount of information on social networking without charging you much if any fee. You will be encouraged to make an appointment for a free consultation with the lawyer where you can discuss your case at more length.

Social networking is one of the ways now to reach out to personal injury lawyers. You can find out more about contacting Visit the websiteonline or by calling today for a free consultation.