Three Reasons to Hire an Employee Law Attorney in Springfield, MA

by | Jul 26, 2017 | Employment Law

Bringing a lawsuit against an employer can be very difficult, especially if the company is a large corporation. While your issue with them may be treated as if it were insignificant, they have the money and attorneys to drag a lawsuit out for years until you give up or go broke. Fortunately, there are attorneys who will represent you in court to give you a fighting chance at winning your case.

Discrimination Cases

Although the law is very clear on what is considered discrimination in hiring or firing practices, some companies may try to covertly get away with discrimination in the workplace. Some hiring managers may overlook women, people of other races, or those within the LGBTQ community when hiring new employees. If you feel that you’ve been overlooked for a job or a promotion you deserved, you should consult an employee law attorney in Springfield, MA. Click here for more info about the three reasons to hire an employee law attorney in Springfield, MA

Sexual Harassment

All too often, sexual harassment is not taken seriously on the job, or reports of it are ignored by management. There are many acts that can be considered sexual harassment, but even the most egregious of these, sexual assault, is often swept under the table by companies. If you have a sexual harassment complaint, you need to follow the company’s protocol in reporting it, but also hire an employee law attorney for help.

Safety Violations

If you know about safety violations in the workplace and have reported them, but nothing is being done, you may need to consult with an attorney at Connor Morneau & Olin LLP so that your complaints are taken seriously. The company may view you has a whistleblower, but you are protected by law, so you may need a lawyer to protect your rights.

An employee law attorney can make sure that you are protected from being fired or retaliated against after filing a lawsuit against your employer.

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