How an Employee Benefits Lawyer Can Help Employees

by | Apr 13, 2017 | Employment Law

Once a person becomes permanently employed at a company, there are certain rights and benefits to which he or she is entitled. It is important for employees to abreast themselves of what exactly these benefits are for their particular job. It is good to understand the benefits in case the employer inadvertently or deliberately violates the employee’s rights or benefits. An Employee Benefits Lawyer in Lafayette, Louisiana helps employees whose rights have been violated. Trying to go up against an employer alone is not a good idea. These are some of the ways the employment rights attorney can help.

Many laws are put in place to protect people who are employed by corporations and other companies. There are state laws and federal laws that are in place to prohibit discrimination, to ensure minimum wage and protect other benefits to which employees are entitled. Some of these benefits include reasonable rate of pay, reasonable vacation away from work, proper disciplinary actions, and guidelines around termination. There are laws regarding periods of layoffs, employee’s rights to unemployment compensation, FMLA leave without penalties and certain rights to specific insurances.

Another major employment right that employees might have to fight for is workers’ compensation. Sometimes accidents happen at work and for one reason or another, workers’ compensation won’t pay. It might be an employer issue or it could be an issue with the insurance company. Either way, an employee may have to end up contacting an attorney experienced in handling employment issues. The attorney will ensure that every possible right that is due the employee will be secured.

Chris Richard, Attorney at Law has been providing legal solutions to clients in the Lafayette, Louisiana area for more than 25 years. In addition to helping clients with employee benefits, the attorney also practices in the areas of personal injury, DWI, OUI, workers’ compensation, and social security disability. Potential clients can also call in for an initial free consultation. There is no reason for clients to take a chance on handling legal problems alone. If a client wants to talk to an Employee Benefits Lawyer in Lafayette, Louisiana, the attorney is available. Visit the website at

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