Anyone who has encountered news about famous individuals being charged with possession of child pornography knows that people tend to view those celebrities as being guilty, even if the charges are later dropped or the person is acquitted in court. That makes this type of charge all the more distressing for a man or woman who understands that a good reputation can be ruined forever. The public tends to think anyone charged with possessing this material must be guilty. A Child Pornography Attorney in Cleveland TN provides defense counsel for clients in this situation.

Malicious Website Activity

A Child Pornography Attorney in Cleveland TN might offer a defense that the client did not realize these images and videos were there. A malicious website might have downloaded them without the person’s knowledge, for example. Computer forensic experts may be able to verify whether this actually happened.

Curiosity and Investigating

Some men and women have looked at one or two of these websites, feeling compelled by curiosity. They may have been upset and disgusted by what they saw and never looked at another, but the evidence that they looked at all may still be on their computer. In a famous incident, musician Pete Townshend said he used a credit card to view an illegal website to prove that banks are complicit in the industry. He was conducting his own private investigation, which he later admitted was “insane.”

Mistaken Impressions

Another possibility is that the individual thought this was legal material. Some 16-year-olds look 21, for example, but this is still classified as child pornography.

A Major Crime

Paying to view and download this material is considered a major crime, typically investigated by a special unit. Depending on the level of the offense, a judge might sentence a convicted person to anywhere from six months to 10 years in prison. People convicted of being involved in the production and distribution of the material can be sentenced to decades behind bars. They need a law firm like Chancey-Kanavos to provide an aggressive defense and protect their rights. Visit the website to learn more about this particular organization.