Signs that It May Be Time to Take Legal Action against Your Employer

by | Jun 13, 2019 | Lawyers

Working for the railroad has long been a lucrative and rewarding career for many men and women. They enjoy high salaries and attractive benefits. Many of them never imagined that anything could go wrong to put their livelihoods at risk.

However, after you have worked for a rail carrier for several years or longer, you may start to notice signs that something might be amiss with your health. By knowing what signs to look out for, you can act in time to hire a railroad cancer lawyer and pursue a judgment or settlement from your company’s insurer.

Warning Signs of Cancer

Railroad workers are exposed to chemicals that could lead to the development of cancer throughout their bodies. You may suspect you have cancer if you experience symptoms like:

Difficulty breathing.
Sharp pain in or over a certain area of your body.
Bloody sputum.
Extreme fatigue.
Unexplained bruising.

These are just a few of the symptoms that could indicate the presence of cancer. You may want your doctor to examine you thoroughly to determine if you suffer from this serious health issue.

Taking Legal Steps

If your doctor confirms that you have developed cancer as a direct result of your employment, it may be time for you to hire a railroad cancer lawyer to represent you. Your lawyer can take legal action against your company to pursue the compensation to which you may be entitled.

Some of the compensation you may be entitled to under the law is repayment for your medical bills. You also may be owed lost income if you cannot go back to work. Your lawyer can file a claim to recoup punitive damages for your pain and suffering.

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