What happens after an on-the-job injury? Though the question may seem simple, the answer is deceptively complex. The state, the employer, and the nature of the injury all play roles in an employee’s experience within Florida’s workers’ compensation system. Here, injured workers will learn about the system and how a Workers Comp Attorney in Vero Beach, FL can help.

Next Steps After an Injury

If an injury requires immediate treatment, seek it. After the injury has been assessed and treated, the next thing to do is to report it to the employer. This may be a direct manager, a company owner, or the human resources department. But, aside from that, the most crucial thing is that the injury is documented.

Fear of Retaliation

Firing a worker for filing a claim is regarded as retaliation, and it is illegal in the state of Florida. OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has whistleblower protections for workers who report hazardous and unsafe working conditions. While an employee cannot be fired because they’re injured on the job, there are limited circumstances in which they may be laid off or terminated while receiving workers’ compensation benefits.

Who Provides Treatment

Just as each state has its own rules for injury reporting, they all have guidelines on who will treat illnesses and injuries. In Florida, for instance, a worker must seek treatment from a doctor who’s been approved by the company’s insurance carrier. No matter the situation, it’s best to consult a Workers Comp Attorney in Vero Beach, FL before making treatment decisions.

Is It Necessary to Hire an Attorney?

Not every workers’ compensation claim requires an attorney. However, if a worker is dealing with continual rejections, delays, and denials from the insurer, it may be worth considering. A workers’ comp lawyer will help a client fight to get the indemnity and medical benefits they deserve.

Dealing with workplace injury is often difficult. There are numerous questions to answer and medical processes to endure. To get through the case, it’s important for an injured worker to surround themselves with an advocacy team that protects their interests and addresses their concerns. Visit or call Matheson & Horowitz for more details or to schedule a consultation.