Should You Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer in West Fargo ND?

by | Jul 25, 2019 | Lawyers

Those who are arrested often worry about whether they should hire a lawyer to help with their case. While it might seem like there is nothing a lawyer can do to help, that is rarely the reality. Instead, there is a lot a Criminal Defense Lawyer in West Fargo ND can do to help their client try to get a better outcome for the situation. Some of the things the lawyer can do will include the following.

Help Looking into the Validity of Charges

While the prosecution will take a look at the evidence, police reports, and other information before officially charging someone with a crime, there are times when they will move forward with charges that may not fit the situation. A lawyer will review the charges their client is facing to make sure the charges are valid based on what happened and to see if there is a way to have the charges dismissed from the beginning. 

Help Forming a Defense to Charges

The next step is to start working on a defense for the charges. The lawyer will work closely with their client to determine exactly what happened. They’ll also review all evidence against their client and comb through every part of the case to determine if there’s a way to have the charges dismissed or to get a non-guilty verdict if the case goes to court. They will work with their client to determine the right defense to use in court to try to minimize the potential for a guilty verdict.

Help Minimizing the Potential Penalties

If the client is found guilty, their lawyer will work to see if the potential penalties can be minimized. For most charges, there is a range of penalties the judge can sentence, so the lawyer will try to convince the judge to sentence the arrested person to the minimum potential penalties. Visit website for the Aaland Law Firm now to learn how they can help you or to speak with a lawyer today.

If you’ve been arrested, make sure you speak with a Criminal Defense Lawyer West Fargo ND as soon as possible since there is a lot they can do to help the entire time you’re dealing with the criminal charges.

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