Reasons to Consider a Worker’s Compensation Lawyer, Find One in Orange County

Workman’s comp laws are designed to help an injured worker. The purpose of the law is to ensure that employees get compensation, as well as effective treatments, for any injuries or death that happens while they are at work. The law also requires that all the expenses relating to the injury be paid by the company or industry and not by any individuals that work for the company.

Residents in Orange County should realize that when they get hurt at work, the company is responsible for ensuring that you have proper medical treatment and compensation for lost wages and the like. A variety of injuries are included, such as back injuries caused by lifting something, broken bones, mental health issues and death.

Why Seek Help

You should understand that the company itself has a variety of legal counsel available to discredit you. Therefore, it makes sense that you hire and use a worker’s compensation lawyer. These attorneys consider your injury and determine if you have a case. If they believe you do have a case and they can win, they will take your case.

They work hard to get medical documentation from reputable doctors, as well as anything else they think may help your case. These can include information from HR and other employees who witnessed the incident, as well as psychologist documentation. They may also request that you go to another doctor that has not been paid for by the company (including those covered by your insurance).

A worker’s compensation lawyer is on your side and works hard to get you the money and other restitution you deserve. Visit The Law Offices of Norman J. Homen in Orange County to request a free consultation today.