When an individual is hurt in an automobile accident, pedestrian, slip and fall, dog bite, tractor trailer, motorcycle, or any other type of accident that resulted in injuries by another individual, a Personal Injury Attorney in Bellingham WA can help the victim receives compensation for their case. If an individual passes away because of the injuries they received, a personal injury lawyer can file a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the surviving family members.

Attempting to settle a case without an attorney is allowed, but a victim will find it to be a hassle and will be offered a lower settlement for their injuries than the victim is entitled. The pain, suffering, and other emotional losses an individual faces does not have to be added to with aggravation from the insurance company.


A personal injury attorney has outstanding negotiation skills that will be used to settle the case as quickly as possible. The victim should never agree to a settlement until they have completed their medical treatment. In the event the individual requires additional medical treatment after they have signed a settlement agreement, they will not be able to receive any further compensation for their injuries.

Support Of The Victim

A Personal Injury Attorney in Bellingham WA will support the victim during the case by listening to their needs and assisting with complex matters of law. If the victim is not receiving the care they need, the attorney might suggest other medical providers to see. The victim will be given the time they need to heal from their injuries while the attorney protects their rights and interests.


Very often, the negligent party will not admit blame for their careless act. In these types of situations, an experienced attorney is required to investigate the case and prove their client was not at fault for their injuries. This can be very complicated without the help of an attorney.

The Allen Law Firm has many years of experience successfully representing victims who have been injured by a negligent act of another individual. Focusing on healing will result in a better chance of a full recovery while an attorney works on receiving the largest settlement possible. Find us on Facebook!