What Should You Know About Social Security Disability Law in Wilkes Barre, PA?

The Social Security Disability program was put in place to provide for the financial and medical needs of citizens who become disabled and are no longer able to work. Those who are filing for disability need to learn all they can about the Social Security Disability Law in Wilkes Barre PA so they will be prepared to go through the process.

Getting Started With a Lawyer

It is important to note that it is not essential for an individual to hire a lawyer to help them with Social Security Disability Law in Wilkes Barre PA, but many do. Hiring a lawyer can make a big difference in the process and is especially beneficial when someone is turned down for their disability benefits.

While the law does stand on the side of the disabled, the individual’s medical condition must meet the requirements of the law. Those who have certain medical conditions may find it more difficult to obtain approval for their disability.

According to the law, individuals have the right to seek an appeal if they are denied their benefits. There are two opportunities for an appeal, and the first one is a request for the disability application to be reviewed. If this review results in a denial a second time, a formal appeal can be requested.

What Happens in the Appeal?

When an individual seeks an appeal for their disability, they will be scheduled for a hearing before an administrative law judge. This judge is in charge of making the decision of whether or not the individual is deserving of disability benefits.

If an appeal becomes necessary, hiring a lawyer is wise. A lawyer can help their client through the entire process by gathering medical evidence and bringing in medical professionals to testify on behalf of their client.

If you have become disabled and are no longer able to work, now is the time for you to seek legal help for the application process. Contact The Law Office of Robert D. Elias right away so your consultation meeting can be scheduled. Allow them to help you receive the disability benefits you deserve. You can also follow them on Twitter.