Needing Help From Nursing Home Injury Attorneys In Orange County, NY

Nursing home abuse is at an all-time high. Unfortunately, many Americans are reaching the point where they need skilled care. The CDC says there are 1.4 million people, age 65 and above, in nursing homes. And, that number is expected to double by 2030. This is why it is time to stop nursing home abuse. Statistics show many nursing home injuries are caused by neglect, abuse and dangerous conditions. Sadly, ever year thousands of residents fall. Indeed, most of these falls are preventable.

If your loved one is a victim, contact Nursing Home Injury Attorneys Orange County NY. Attorney Mark Aberasturi handles many cases involving elder abuse. While falls are the top cause of injuries, bed sores are a close second. This is negligent because staff should turn patients frequently. Turning the patient prevents pressure sores. Sadly, bed sores may not heal in certain patients with chronic conditions. These wounds can result in the loss of limbs and death. Medication errors are the third leading cause of nursing home injuries.

These errors often involve an overdose or giving the wrong medicine. It takes a skilled staff to avoid these mistakes. Any given nursing home has hundreds of patients. And, they all can take multiple medications. Many caregivers simply get overwhelmed and injuries occur. Nursing home Injury Attorneys Orange County NY will try and hold the home accountable for injuries. The law says the facility is liable if injuries are due to negligent hiring, under-staffing, medication errors, lack of training and failing to follow regulations. Further, the facility is also liable for employee mistakes.

The attorney investigates whether a third party is liable. For instance, a nursing home may use workers from a staffing agency. Then, the agency would be responsible for their errors. Likewise, most nursing homes hire private security firms. The firm is liable when unauthorized people get in and violate patients. The attorney will make a claim against the liable party’s insurance carrier. And, the matter will be negotiated like other personal injury claims. The parties should be able to reach a quick settlement. That is because negligence is generally clear in nursing home abuse cases.