How An Auto Accidents Attorney In Glendale, AZ Manages An Accident Claim

In Arizona, automobile accidents are likely to produce extensive personal injuries and property damage. For this reason, all drivers are required to purchase and maintain liability coverage. However, drivers who fail to comply with these laws could present the victims with financial hardships. An Auto Accidents Attorney in Glendale AZ help these victims collect from the at-fault driver.

Acquiring the Accident Report

The accident report is a critical part of the accident claim. It provides specific details about the accident that could affect the victim’s case. It determines what driver was at fault and what parties were involved in the accident. It may also provide information about witnesses that saw the accident. Law enforcement officers are often directed to testify to the findings of this report.

Reviewing the Victim’s Medical Evidence

The victim’s medical evidence shows what injuries they sustained. It also defines the severity level of these injuries. These two factors are critical to an accident claim. They determine the value of compensation in which the victim is entitled under Arizona laws.

Depositions for Witnesses

The attorney representing the accident victim acquires depositions for all witnesses. These depositions are sworn statements that define their role in the accident. They present the court with what they saw during the accident and could support the victim’s claim. All witnesses must provide truthful statements during these depositions. Any failure to provide the truth could result in criminal charges.

Attempts to Eliminate Comparative Fault

Comparative fault indicates that the victim played a role in the cause of the accident. Primary actions that play a role include common moving violations. However, a victim that knew the at-fault driver and tampered with their vehicle could share more fault in these proceedings. Any level of fault on the victim’s behalf reduces their total monetary award.

In Arizona, automobile accidents attribute to a high volume of personal injury cases. The state requires standard liability insurance for all drivers to reduce these possibilities. However, victims who have a viable claim against the at-fault driver have the right to file a lawsuit. Victims who need to hire an Auto Accidents Attorney in Glendale AZ should contact the Garrison Law Firm today.