Managing Domestic Violence Under Criminal Law In Williamsport, PA

In Pennsylvania, domestic violence is an increased classification of assault and battery in which the victim is a family or household member. The criminal charges could lead to severe penalties and the loss of child custody for some defendants. A local attorney assists defendants with a defense according to Criminal Law in Williamsport PA.

How Do the Cases Start?

A domestic violence case starts when a victim notifies law enforcement of an attack. Typically, the officers are called to the home immediately following an attack. Each individual who has obvious injuries has the legal right to press charges. For example, a couple involved in an altercation could file charges against each other if they both have injuries.

What are the Terms of the Defendant’s Release?

When a defendant is released after the charge, the judge informs them about the terms of their release. The most common provision is that the defendant cannot have any contact with the victim until the scheduled court date. Any violation of the terms leads to revocation of the bail bond, and the defendant is arrested.

Why are Protection Orders Needed?

Protection orders are issued for more complex cases. The court order outlines further provisions to keep the victim safe after an attack. The defendant cannot contact the victim in any way, and they aren’t allowed at the victim’s home. The defendant isn’t allowed to drink alcohol or use any controlled substances. A violation of the protection order leads to additional criminal charges.

What is the Possible Outcome?

Domestic violence cases could lead to up to one year in jail and a fine of $2,500. If the case is connected to a divorce case, the defendant could receive supervised visitation with their child. If the child was the victim, their spouse could receive sole child custody.

In Pennsylvania, domestic violence is classified as any threat to cause bodily harm or the act of causing bodily harm. The crime involves individuals who live or used to live in the same home. It can include parents, children, siblings, and extended family members. Defendants facing the charges under Criminal Law in Williamsport PA contact Callahan & Gardner law Office right now.