How the Lemon Law Protects Consumers from Being Stuck with a Defective Car

by | Dec 19, 2017 | Attorneys

It can be devastating to know that you have invested a substantial amount of money into purchasing a new automobile to only discover it is defective. When a consumer buys a new car the last thing they want is to be stuck with an automobile that will not perform correctly or safely on the road. This can create a financial burden for them and the headache of having to find a new auto to purchase. Fortunately, the West Virginia lemon law and Indiana Lemon Law will provide them with relief by enforcing the right to purchasing a dependable auto for the money they invested. If they should discover they have bought a lemon the law will be behind them in obtaining compensation or a replacement vehicle of equal value.

Top Reasons to Hire an Attorney

   * A law firm that specializes in West Virginia lemon law will have a full understanding how the law works and the process that must be followed to obtain the compensation you deserve.
   * They can help prepare vital documents required to formally notify the manufacturer of the problem.
   * Once a reasonable amount of time has passed and the auto is not operational or safe on the road, an attorney can file a formal complaint against the company.
   * You can focus on living your life while they negotiate with the manufacturer on how the issue will be solved.
   * Most of all, they provide the services required to relieve you of the stress that can result with trying to settle a claim with a car manufacturer.

Eliminate Unwanted Stress and Increase Your Success Rate of Being Compensated

Each state has established lemon laws to protect consumers from being taken advantage by car dealerships or manufacturers. Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center® offers a team of skilled attorneys that have experience handling these types of cases. With their expertise, they have successfully settled 97% of their cases without seeing the inside of a courtroom.

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