A Closer Look at Child Support

When two people who have one or more children divorce, there are many things that must be considered as part of their separation. Everything from child custody and visitation to the necessity of child support becomes important in those early months of the separation process. A child support lawyer can help parents who are already struggling with the emotions that come along with a stressful divorce sort out an issue that can otherwise add to the stress.

Securing Child Support

If you are the primary guardian of your child and will require financial support for that child, you may be entitled to child support. Determining your eligibility will be the job of the courts, and can be assisted by an experienced child support lawyer. If you are wondering about your likelihood of being granted child support along with primary custody, contact a law firm in your area dealing with family court issues.

How Long Will Child Support Payments Be Required?

This depends on your child and their needs. If your child is under the age of eighteen and you are not the parent retaining custody of your child, you will begin monthly or otherwise-scheduled payments as soon as they are ordered by the court. These payments will continue until your child reaches the age of majority. Some exceptions to this rule include:

  • Children who are legally emancipated or married before the age of eighteen.
  • Children who become active-duty military members before the age of eighteen.
  • Children with special needs, who may require payments for a great deal longer than the legal age of majority.

Another exception is any situation in which the parent without primary custody allows their child to be adopted by someone else, gives up their parental rights or otherwise divorces themselves of their child or children.

No matter how long payments are required, most parents are happy to supply what their children need – even if they aren’t as happy to work with their former partner to do it. This is why legal counsel is helpful. Having a neutral third-party involved help makes the process smother and less stressful for everyone involved, and is the best way to handle any child support case.