Know How the Lemon Law Protects You

by | Aug 3, 2016 | Attorneys

It can be very exciting to purchase a new vehicle, however that excitement can quickly vanish when you realize that you have bought a defective car. Manufacturers have the responsibility of producing a safe and reliable vehicle for a consumer to purchase. What happens though when manufacturers fail to meet this responsibility? A lemon law for cars was established to help protect consumers from being a victim of faulty automobiles. Auto companies are required to provide a warranty on any new cars they produce to guarantee they will function properly. If the car fails to operate properly, manufacturers are allowed a reasonable amount of time to correct the problem. If they are unable to correct the issue, the consumer can be eligible to have the company replace or repurchase the automobile from them.

What Qualifies an Automobile to be a Lemon?

Lemon Laws vary depending on which state the consumer resides in. However, there are two requirements that can help determine if the car is a lemon. One being that there has to be a substantial defect with the car that impairs how the car is used that is covered under the warranty. The defect can affect the value and safety of the automobile. The other factor in determining if the car is a lemon is the number of repair attempts that have been made to correct the issue. In one-year, if the automobile has been in the shop for 30 or more days can define the vehicle as a lemon.

Benefit from Hiring a Respected Attorney

It can be stressful enough to be dealing with a car that will not operate, you do not want to go up against a big company alone. Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center® can provide you with the experience that you require when it comes to filing a claim against a manufacturer. Their skilled team will work with you ever step of the way to find a solution to your problem. Contact, they have the experience that you are looking for when going up against a large company.

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