Are You Interested in Getting a Divorce in Newnan, GA?

by | Dec 4, 2017 | Lawyers

Getting a divorce may seem an easy thing to do, but the reality is that an individual who is getting a divorce in Newnan, GA should contact a family lawyer to protect their rights and their assets. It’s much easier when a couple can agree on their future outcome to a divorce, but this is rarely the case. Emotions usually run high when a couple separates and contemplates divorce, and minor disagreements can turn into a court battle. When an individual hires an experienced family attorney, they will keep the individual focused on the process and making sound legal decisions for their future.

Requirements for Filing for a Divorce

One of the parties must have resided in the state for at least six months immediately before a divorce is filed. The person who is the resident is the one who must file. It’s also important that an individual file in the county where they reside.

Grounds for Filing

A popular choice for an individual to receive a divorce is to file a no-fault divorce. This means the marriage has been irretrievably broken and doesn’t require extensive court proceedings to prove why they should be divorced. A fault divorce can be filed, but the individual who files on these grounds could spend thousands of dollars proving their case for a similar outcome of filing on the no-fault grounds.

Equitable Distribution

When a couple gets a divorce in Newnan, GA, assets will be determined by equitable distribution. Individuals often think all of the assets will be split evenly, but the court will determine what they feel is fair, and it isn’t always an equal split. This can cause a lot of turmoil for a couple who wants a divorce to be final, but doesn’t want to give up assets from the marriage.

Receiving a divorce can be difficult if you don’t have an attorney watching out for your interests and painting you in the best light to the judge. They will work with you to achieve the outcome you want from a divorce. They will explain various options so you can make a sound legal decision. If you’re looking for an experienced family law attorney, please visit Website Domain

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