What to Ask Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Minneapolis, MN

by | Dec 4, 2017 | Lawyers

If you are hurt while you are at work, you could be eligible for workers’ compensation. There are two basic ways to determine how much compensation you are entitled to. It depends on the industry you are in, whether or not you are in a union, and the extent of your injuries. However, you also need to know that there are scheduled payments or negotiated payments. A scheduled payment is one that is determined based on objective factors. However, even in those cases, workers’ compensation lawyers can be helpful.

Scheduled Payments

In some cases, a workers’ compensation payment is determined by objective factors. For example, if you sustain a leg injury, there might be a predetermined payment for leg injuries. However, those predetermined payments often have different grades, which means that even if you have scheduled payments, you can be helped by workers’ compensation lawyers in Minneapolis, MN.

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The Payments

Whether your payments are scheduled or only negotiated, there are several different ways to determine how much you get paid. Workers’ compensation lawyers can help ensure you receive as much as you are entitled to. Workers’ compensation typically covers lost wages, medical expenses, added expenses, and pain and suffering.

Added expenses are expenses such as having to pay a driver to drive you around or having to hire a babysitter while you go to doctor’s appointments. Furthermore, you will have medical expenses. You might also have pain and suffering. This is one of the most difficult cases to prove because the argument is not one of objective numbers. Instead, you are arguing that the injury was traumatic, and you need money to help recover from the injury. Visit site for more details about the workers’ compensation lawyers in Minneapolis, MN.

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