How Having A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer In Rockford Helps

by | Jan 8, 2016 | Lawyer

As an employee, you expect that if you are injured on the job and require medical care or if your injury results in a short term or long term disability, Worker’s Compensation will be there to address the issue. In reality, many people find that unless they have a Workers’ Compensation lawyer representing them their chances of successfully being granted their claim is not at all a given.

When injuries sustained on the job in Rockford, prevent you from working, contacting a Workers’ Compensation lawyer should be one of your first steps if there is any problem with receiving the full compensation you believe you are entitled to. You may be surprised to find that your employer is actually trying to get out of paying the claim at all, leaving you with mounting bills and perhaps a concern about being able to go back to your same job after recovery.

Assistance with Documents

If you employer has a reputation of disputing workers’ compensation claims, or if other employees have told you they have been denied a claim, working with an attorney in the initial stages of the documentation and claim process is critical.

The attorney will ensure that all documents are filled in correctly with no missing information and errors. The lawyer will also make sure all necessary supporting documents, including the specific medical forms required from the doctor, will accompany the claim.

Proving Your Case

In the event you have already filed the documentation and claim and have been denied what you believe is fair compensation, an attorney will be critical in completing the appeal.

Often simply having an attorney on your side can spur a less than reputable business into paying the claim. This is because they know that the attorney will be able to prove that the accident occurred on the job and that the injuries were sustained as a result of the accident or environmental conditions.

It is also important for the attorney to be able to provide that the injuries occurred when you were following all required safety protocols and working within your responsibilities. Often a business will try to prove an employee was acting or behaving in a negligent way or failing to follow safety guidelines which contributed to the injury.

In Rockford, or in a surrounding area, working with an experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyer if you sense any hesitancy by the company to pay is an important step in ensuring you get the compensation you are entitled to receive.

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