How Can An Employment Lawyer In Fort Myers Help You?

by | Jan 27, 2023 | Law Firm

Employers know that workers may be unaware of how employment laws are applied and they might not be conversant with their rights in the workplace. This could easily mean the workers are taken advantage of, and at times mistreated, by their employers. An Employment Lawyer in Fort Myers can assist you in understanding your rights and defending you when you are mistreated or discriminated by your employer. Employers are also required to protect employee in the workplace. If they fail to honor that requirement, they may be sued for their failure to meet the laws and regulations. An employment attorney will help in handling issues the following issues:

Harassment of workers

It is not uncommon to find employees being harassed by fellow workers or even the employers. Harassment may take different forms including sexual harassment. An attorney can defend your rights if you find yourself in such a situation.

Wages and work-hours issues

If your employer does not adhere to the minimum wage laws, you may have a case against him or her. Likewise, if you feel that you have not been awarded your full earnings for work done, you might want to consult with an employment attorney.

Unlawful termination

There are procedures that should be followed when firing an employee. An employer may fail to follow the procedures or acts in discrimination to fire a worker. This may be perceived as a breach of the law and could lead to a lawsuit.

Workplace aggression and violence

One common problem witnessed in the workplace is bullying. Employers should not turn a blind eye on violent acts being perpetrated to workers in the workplace.

To ensure workers perform their duties in safe and conducive workplace environments, an Employment Lawyer in Fort Myers can help represent employees when their rights are breached. Depending on the issue at hand, an attorney experienced in employment law will prepare a case against your employer to seek justice.

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