Hire a Spousal Support Attorney in Sugar Land TX When You Need More Money to Live

Marriage is a partnership that is supposed to benefit both partners. Couples often make sacrifices so they will have a better future. For example, many spouses work extra hours or even a second job so their husband or wife can get an advanced degree. Ideally, this sacrifice will pay off in a higher household income with the spouse who got the higher education begins working in their field and earns a much higher salary. Another time this might occur is when one spouse leaves the workforce to raise their children and depends on the other spouse’s income to support the family. However, in a few cases, one spouse takes advantage of the other and elects to end the marriage after the sacrifice of the other is no longer needed.

A husband or wife should not be punished for their sacrifices. In addition to a portion of the marital assets, a spouse who sacrificed part of their life or career for their partner may also be entitled to spousal support when the marriage ends. Because every spouse doesn’t meet the qualifications for support, it’s important for a husband or wife who thinks they might be eligible for it to consult with a spousal support attorney in Sugar Land TX as soon as they know the marriage is over. Doing so might enable an attorney from The Vendt Law Firm PLLC to secure a temporary order so their client will have the funds to pay their ongoing expenses while the divorce proceeds through the court.

When a Spousal Support Attorney in Sugar Land TX is able to help a client get monthly support payments, it could be just until the divorce is settled until a specific event happens or indefinite. The client or the paying spouse may ask the court to modify the order at a later date if they have a significant change in circumstances. However, because this type of support is meant to help a person maintain a particular standard of living, a judge is not likely to change the order unless the change is going to be ongoing. In general, people who receive these payments can use them for any bills or expenses they need to pay in their new life.