Common Causes of Trucking Accidents and When to Call a Trucking Accidents Lawyer in Grand Haven?

Every year, the economy of America thrives on the revenue that is generated by tractor trailers and semi-trucks that are hauling products and goods all over the country. In fact, this is a billion dollar industry. However, due to the sheer size of these trucks, they can be dangerous and as a result, thousands of accidents involving these trucks occur each year. In some cases, if will be necessary, but knowing the causes of these accidents may also be beneficial.

According to reports, 98 percent of all accidents related to semi trucks result in a fatality. Each year approximately 5,000 people in a passenger vehicle die because of these accidents. Unfortunately, most of these accidents could be avoided if both truck drivers and passenger vehicle drivers were more aware of what was going on and the major causes of these accidents. The most common causes of these accidents include:

* Inadequate driver training: While a semi truck driver is required to pass a professional driving test, there are some companies that are willing to employ drivers with inadequate training due to a manpower shortage.

* Blind spots: Big tractor trailers have quite a few blind spots and it is the responsibility of the driver to ensure there are no cars nearby prior to changing direction or turning.

* Mechanical failures: There are a number of components on tractor trailers not found on a standard passenger vehicle. If the truck is not maintained properly, then the truck can malfunction and cause an accident.

* Underride accident: The most deadly type of accident take place when a vehicle slides beneath the big rig.

* Jackknife accident: If a truck loses control, it can jackknife, which means the trailer will slide one way and the truck the other.

If a person is involved in a trucking accident, then they may need to contact a Trucking Accidents Lawyer in Grand Haven to ensure they receive the compensation they deserve. A Trucking Accidents Lawyer will have the skills and ability to investigate the case to determine if they deserve compensation. Taking the time to and is essential.