In Florida, all worker’s compensation laws are outlined in state statute 440. The laws explain the requirements of all employers when covering their workers. The employers must make adjustments to their policies when they hire new workers. Their policies must provide adequate funding to pay for medical requirements and monetary benefits. Workers Comp Lawyers in Ft. Pierce FL explain the requirements of each party.

Do All Employers Deny Benefits Based on Drug Screening Results?

No, some employers may provide their workers with a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program. If the injury was caused by an addiction, the employer could require the worker to complete the addiction program to continue their employment. However, it is less likely that the employer will offer the program to workers with minor injuries.

Are Occupational Diseases Included in Worker’s Comp Laws?

Yes, the worker must report the occupational disease as soon as they are diagnosed. The employer must provide the full payment for all medical care associated with treating the disease. The worker receives at least sixty percent of their wages throughout their recovery. Any denial of monetary benefits or medical payments presents the worker with the opportunity to file a lawsuit.

What are the Maximum Monetary Benefits Provided?

According to the rate table for the state of Florida, workers won’t receive more than $863 per week from the worker’s comp program. If the worker is classified as critical, the percentage of their wages they receive could reach eighty percent. The insurance provider may offer a lump sum settlement for workers with permanent conditions.

When Can Workers Receive the Benefits?

Any worker who is scheduled to receive monetary benefits for more than twenty-one days gets benefits on the first day. If the benefits stop after twenty-two days, the worker receives the benefits on the eighth day.

In Florida, worker’s compensation provides injured employees with benefits during their recovery. The insurance provides medical payments and monetary benefits based on how long they need to recover. Employees who need help can contact Workers Comp Lawyers in Ft. Pierce FL through Matheson Horowitz & Devonmille and schedule an appointment right now.