Embezzlement, insider trading and fraud: all are examples of cases that might be accepted by a White Collar Crime Attorney in Muhlenberg PA. Although the offenses did not involve physical violence, they could still cause serious harm to the financial health of businesses and individuals. Whether the defendant is a high-level executive or the secretary of a small-town elementary school, the public tends to want justice. They are “the People” in the prosecution’s case brought against the accused.

The Plea Bargain

In many instances, the evidence against the defendant is too strong for a defense attorney to have this person found not guilty in court. A white collar crime attorney in Muhlenberg PA will want to work out a plea bargain with the prosecution to avoid a trial altogether. The defendant may be required to spend some time behind bars, but prisons for white-collar offenders are lower-security facilities. The life there is not as harsh as can be true in maximum-security prisons for violent offenders.

Asking for Leniency

With a plea bargain, the defendant may receive a significantly more lenient sentence than would probably be the case in a court trial. Instead of 10 years, for instance, the sentence might be 3 years with the chance to shorten this with good behavior.

The prosecuting attorney may feel somewhat merciful toward the 55-year-old school secretary who had become addicted to gambling. She may have begun embezzling funds because she was losing large amounts at the casino and felt determined to win it back. The attorney believes she had the full intention of paying all the money back when she finally experienced her windfall. This is a somewhat common scenario among gambling addicts.

A Sentence Without Incarceration

Depending on the specifics of the situation, a defense attorney may succeed in negotiating a sentence without incarceration, as long as the defendant completes all requirements. Those requirements might include a number of hours of community service, a hefty monetary penalty and following strict probation rules. A person who has been charged with a white-collar crime may get more information about one particular legal organization, the Law Offices of Paul S. Missan.