Attorneys in Beaver Dam WI Are Familiar With Statistics Related to Wisconsin and DUI Charges

by | Sep 26, 2018 | Lawyers

Wisconsin is recognized for being a state where the residents do a lot of drinking. Nevertheless, it’s not the state that ranks at the top for the amount of alcohol consumed per capita or the number of drunk driving arrests. Wisconsin residents who need legal representation to fight a DUI charge may hire Attorneys in Beaver Dam WI who handle these cases.

State Statistics

Residents of New Hampshire drink the most alcohol per person by state. Wisconsin ranks sixth. Wisconsin also ranks sixth for the number of arrests for driving under the influence in a year.

Wyoming is number one for DUI arrests annually. It’s also the state where people put on the most miles each year, which may correlate to the high DUI rate. In Wisconsin, drivers might just need to drive a mile or two from their favorite watering hole to their home. In the sparsely populated expanses of Wyoming, that watering hole may be 15 or 20 miles away.

Wisconsin DUI Convictions

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation reports that the state sees about 24,000 DUI convictions annually. Because drunk driving is so dangerous, courts may issue severe penalties even to first-time offenders. In Wisconsin, DUI incidents can be expected to cause injury to almost 3,000 people each year, and to cause almost 200 fatalities. A drunk driver who causes a fatal accident can be charged with negligent homicide.

Legal Representation

Some individuals decide to accept the consequences for a first offense and vow to never drive while intoxicated ever again. Others have to fight the charge with the help of Attorneys in Beaver Dam WI. They may be at risk of losing their job if they drive for a living and the company prohibits DUI convictions even when not at work. Drivers charged with a second or third offense need legal representation because they are at significant risk of jail time and very steep fines. In Wisconsin, a fourth DUI is an automatic felony charge.

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