Evidence That Can Help Your Personal Injury Attorney in Vernon, CT

by | Jul 10, 2019 | Lawyers

An injured person might not know how important it is that they collect evidence before they contact a personal injury attorney in Vernon, CT. After all, they might figure that everything is up to the attorney. What people need to understand is that lawyers need evidence to make arguments for their cases. A client can make it easier for their lawyer if they have evidence to back their claim, especially because they are the ones that can get it faster.

Medical Evidence

Injured people who contact Kahan Kerensky and Capossela, LLP. must understand that they will need medical evidence to back their claim. A person can be badly injured and will not have the medical evidence to support their claim if they haven’t visited a doctor. If a person waits too long, the timing of the injury can be challenged. As soon as a person is hurt in an accident, they should seek out medical assistance.


A personal injury attorney in Vernon, CT can also work with witnesses. Although witnesses aren’t as important as medical evidence, they can help bolster a claim. Witnesses can testify to a person getting hurt through no fault of their own. As such, an injured person should take down the contact information of anyone who witnesses their accident. This is especially true with car accidents.

Police Reports

If a person is in a car accident, they have to remember that what they say at the scene could hurt their case during any legal proceedings. Even innocent comments can be taken out of context if the police report is used by the attorney opposing an injured person’s claim. That’s why a person should say as little as possible to police after a car accident. An injured person might not even have all their wits about them to answer questions in the first place. The facts can come out with the help of a lawyer.

Injured people shouldn’t think that lawyers can just show up and win claims for them. Lawyers need evidence. The more, the better. Fortunately, there are ways that clients can help their lawyers. It starts with getting prompt medical treatment and continuing treatment so that there is evidence of an injury.

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