Why Do You Need Bail Bonding Services In Watauga, TX?

In Texas, criminal defendants have two options for getting out of jail. They can either pay their full bail amount or pay a fee to purchase a bail bond. The stipulations of getting bail bonds outline what is required for all defendants. Bail Bonding Services in Watauga TX provide all types of bail bonds for criminal defendants.

Getting Out of Jail

The criminal defendant gets out of jail after they obtain a bail bond. A representative approaches the bail bonding agent and provides all the details about the defendant. A fee is required for purchasing the bail bond that won’t exceed 14% of the bail amount. Once the fee is paid, the bonding agent starts the bonding process, and the defendant is released.

Avoiding Additional Arrests

The correctional officers explain the terms of the defendant’s release after the bail is paid. The criminal defendant avoids additional arrests if they follow the terms and don’t get in trouble again. Some defendants are released into the bonding agent’s custody for this reason.

Preventing the Repercussions of a Failure to Appear

Criminal defendants that don’t have transportation create an arrangement with a bonding agent. Select bondsman helps the criminal defendants get to their court appearance on time. The outcome is the defendant doesn’t get arrested again due to a bench warrant, and the bonding agent doesn’t face a financial loss.

More Time with Your Family

By purchasing a bail bond, the criminal defendant gets more time with their family. Instead of staying in the county jail until their court date, the defendant gets to go home pending the outcome of their case. The bonding agents help the defendants get out quickly once they attend their arraignment, and bail has been set.

In Texas, criminal defendants can get out of jail if they pay their bail or get a bail bond. Each option requires the defendant to follow the exact terms of their release or go back to jail. The terms include court appearances and might include a protection order under certain circumstances. Criminal defendants who need help contact Bail Bonding Services in Watauga TX that are Open 24 hours a day 7 days a week right now.