Dog Attack Litigation With An Accident Lawyer In Greenbelt

by | Apr 5, 2017 | Lawyer

In Maryland, all pet owners have a certain responsibility to the public. According to local laws, these pet owners must follow guidelines for lowering liabilities in their home. They must take precautions to lower the chances that a neighbor or visitor will become the victim of a dog attack. The following information identifies what could happen and what is considered during an assessment with an Accident Lawyer in Greenbelt.

How Did the Attack Happen?

The circumstances that led to the dog attack are the prime piece of the puzzle. The attorney must show through these findings which is at fault. In these cases, the animal must attack the victim of their own accord. The animal must show some signs of aggressive behavior patterns that indicate that it would knowingly hurt a human.

Where Laws Broken Prior to the Attack?

Broken laws could lead to a dismissal of a personal injury case. For example, the victim must have a legal reason for entering the property. Either the owner must invite them into the property, or they must present a need for access based on their job requirements. Trespassing, home invasions, and animal cruelty are reasons in which a case is discredited and thrown out.

Quarantines and Animal Control

Animal control officers are notified at any time that a dog attacks a human. Once notified, the officer issues a notice to the pet owner. The pet owner must surrender the animal to a licensed vet. They must present vaccination records to rule out rabies. The vet evaluates the animal for aggressive behavior.

The Results of a Strict Liability

Strict liabilities indicate that the pet owner knew that the dog was dangerous. The court researches all records to determine if the dog was involved in other attacks. If they were, the owner pays a settlement that includes tort rulings as well as expenses and lost wages.

In Maryland, all pet owners follow local laws pertaining to dogs in their possession. These laws enforce precautionary measures to lower the rate of dog attacks. Victims of these unfortunate circumstances contact an Accident Lawyer in Greenbelt through Jaklitsch Law Group right now.

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