What to Expect After Hiring a Bondsman in Midwest City Oklahoma

Bail bonds give people who don’t have a lot of equity in their home or a lot of money in the bank to get out of jail quickly. Many of the people who get arrested and taken to jail have families, jobs and lives going on outside. They need to get back to their lives quickly so they don’t lose their jobs and cause financial stress on their families. A bondsman in Midwest City Oklahoma can help people in this situation but there are some restrictions involved. Being out of jail on bond is not the same as being free.

After being released from jail, people on bond need to stay in touch with the bondsman. They can expect to get the contact information upon their release. Additionally, those released on bond need to appear at all court hearings. Failure to do so could result in them having to go back to jail and sit there until their trial. Ken Boyer Bail Bonds will assign an agent to every client to ensure they get reminders of court dates so they don’t forget to attend.

Bail bond providers understand dealing with the court system can be stressful. It can also be confusing. Court dates are sometimes changed without consideration of the defendant’s schedule and the prosecutor might not make it easy for a person to defend themselves in court. Depending on the severity of the charges, hiring an attorney might be beneficial. A Bondsman in Midwest City Oklahoma might refer a client to an attorney but they are under no obligation to use that lawyer. Someone from the bail bond office might attend court hearings but they will not provide legal representation.

Once the criminal case has been resolved, the client’s relationship with the bail bondsman will end. Those who post bail directly with the court might receive a refund when the case is over. Because bail bond companies allow people in crisis to pay a fee much less than what they would have to pay to the court, those who use bail bond companies do not receive any money back when the case is over.