Discrimination Isn’t Just in the Movies

by | Sep 24, 2018 | impulselegal

In 1993 a movie called Philadelphia came to the big screens. It was the story of a man that was wrongly fired from his job because he had AIDS. Sadly it is a story that isn’t uncommon in the country. People all across the nation are treated differently or are terminated because of discrimination. In the movie Tom Hanks decided to stand up against it and take his employer to court. While yes, it is a story made in Hollywood the moral of it can be easily applied to real life.

All It Takes Is to Stand Up and Say Stop!

The reason a company gets away with discrimination in the work place is because no one holds them accountable for their illegal actions. By taking an employer to court you are saying you will not stand for the way that you are being treated. You can’t control what gender you were born with, the color of your skin, if you believe in a God or not, how old you are. You shouldn’t be punished at work for anything other than you are bad at your job. If an employer uses any of the above in their decision to offer you a promotion or denies you anything that every other employee has access to then you are being discriminated against. It is against California state law and companies that break that law must be brought to light and made to pay for it.

A Lawyer Who Believes in America

The Law Offices of Jual F. Reyes believes that every American should be able to go to work without fear or intimidation based on factors that are out of their control. They have experience with the ugliness of discrimination and know how to fight it effectively. Contact them today because you deserve a happy life free of bias towards you. Get an employment discrimination lawyer in Los Angeles on your side.

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