When you are filing an official name change with the court, it can help to have an attorney alongside you to guide you through the process, especially when you are particularly unfamiliar with legal matters.

People also have different reasons for changing their names, and your reason may make the situation particularly overwhelming. A name change attorney will take away much of the stress and streamline the process as much as possible so that you can confidently continue with your life.

Preparing Paperwork

Changing your name officially involves a considerable amount of paperwork. You typically have to file the required paperwork with the County Court, and paperwork must include the right information. A name change attorney in Cedar Rapids, IA will make sure that you include all of the necessary information so that there are no complications that might halt the process.

Following Court Rules

Additionally, it’s important that you follow any rules or expectations set in place by the court. There are a number of procedural steps involved in changing a name, and the more accurate you are, the quicker the process will be. Your name change attorney will ensure that you execute each step, but they can also help you with additional matters. For example, if you wish for your original name to go unpublished, they can help make this happen.

Executing Name Change for Minors

Name changes for minors may take considerably longer than those of adults, and this process is often more complex. At JACOBSEN, JOHNSON & WIEZOREK PLC, you don’t have to worry about making any mistakes or lengthening the process more than necessary. Your attorneys will guide you through every step so that your name change is official and as simple as possible. You can also connect them on Facebook.