In Miami, hiring a personal injury protection insurance attorney is often an essential step. Unfortunately, this is one of the more confusing laws for drivers. It can be complex for anyone that is a part of an accident occurring on any Miami roadway. Who is going to pay for the medical losses? Personal injury protection (PIP) and medical payments are two forms of coverage that you may have available to you to handle each one of these aspects. But, what is the difference? What do you need to know?

What’s the Difference?
PIP and medical payments (sometimes called MedPay) are types of insurance. They are used as a way to provide financial support immediately after a vehicle accident in which someone is hurt. In this scenario, the insurer – the company who provides the insurance payments – pays for the covered party’s losses (everyone pays for their own.) There is no fault aspect involved here.

PIP pays for the medical and non-injury related costs no matter who is at fault. The coverage in Miami may differ from other states, but in general, it pays out for 14 days and up to $10,000 in Florida. It covers medical expenses, funeral costs, lost income, child care, and household expenses, and survivors losses, as they apply. MedPay is much less comprehensive. And, it is optional coverage in most states. It covers the medical expenses for the person who is named as the insured as well as other drivers on the insurance policy, members of that person’s household, and his or her passengers. Get help from personal injury protection insurance attorney.

Understanding this, it is easy to see how it can be hard to obtain the funds required if you are suffering an injury. This is when you need a personal injury protection insurance attorney.