Concepts Managed By A Probate Law Attorneys in Topeka, KS

by | Jan 9, 2017 | Lawyers

In Kansas, estate owners acquire help with a variety of requirements for their estate before they die. However, after they die, their attorney must take action to fulfill their final wishes. These wishes include the management oft their will and the distribution of their wealth. The following are concepts that are managed by a Probate Law Attorney in Topeka, KS.

Administrating a Will or Informing an Executor of Their Duties

The attorney administrates the will if they are given the authority by the estate owner. However, if the estate owner chooses another individual for these purposes, the attorney notifies the executor. They present details about what this executor is required to do. The duties of the executor are to provide ownership of assets and property to the estate owner’s family.

Assessing Estate and Inheritance Tax

The attorney assesses all estate and inheritance tax for the estate. They must calculate these rates based on the current laws. The estate owner must have provided provisions for estate laws. If they didn’t, their family members are required to pay these taxes when they take possession of the property or assets. All taxes must be paid by the deadline set forth by the probate court.

Conducting the Discovery Process for the Deceased

For estate owners who don’t have a will, the attorney must conduct the discovery process. The process enables them to conduct a search for all assets owned by the deceased. Upon the discovery of these assets, the attorney must notify the individual’s next of kin. The individual’s next of kin must come forward and claim these assets.

Managing Debts through the Probate Process

The probate process allows creditors to place a lien against assets to acquire payment for overdue debts. This process allows the creditor to seize assets for payment if the owner didn’t provide provisions to address these debts.

In Kansas, estate owners must make arrangements for the distribution of their wealth. If they have a will an executor will act as the administrator and distribute their wealth and manage their affairs. Estate owners who want to start this process now contact a probate law attorney in Topeka, KS through Debenham Law Office LLC today.

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