US Social Security is a federal government program that provides financial benefits to retirees and those that cannot work due to a disability. Getting your retirement benefits is very straight forward, the SSA have all your records at their finger tips and usually within three months you start seeing a monthly check. Unfortunately, the process is not so cut and dried for those that are applying for disability benefits. Due to the difficulty and the complexity of the process it is wise to hire Social Security attorneys in Kansas City to assist, especially with the appeal.

The appeals process:

Less than 35 percent of all applicants for disability benefits are approved, 65 percent are disallowed by the Administration. Although this is a terrible disappointment, it is really only the beginning of the appeals process. The chances of approval, especially when you are represented by Social Security attorneys in Kansas City is far better, especially when the appeal reaches the hearing stage.

The first stage of appeal is a simple request for reconsideration; as nothing has changed the chances of a reversal of the initial decision are rare. The following stage is important, a hearing held in the presence of an Administrative Law Judge. This is the first ad probably last time that you are given the opportunity to present yourself and your evidence directly to a decision maker.

Prior to the hearing your Social Security attorneys in Kansas City will have gathered up to date medical reports and submitted them to the judge, your attorneys will have sat with you, going over questions that you can expect to be asked and honest answers that you should give.

Your attorneys have gone through numerous appeals, they know what to expect and are comfortable arguing your case on your behalf.

Experienced Social Security attorneys in Kansas City are very helpful in getting your application for disability benefits approved. For a free case evaluation you are invited to contact the Grundy Disability Group.