Although auto accidents are quite common, most people don’t know what to do when one happens. When a person doesn’t know what to expect, they may make mistakes that keep them from getting fair compensation. Below are a few errors to avoid during an auto accident claim.

Leaving the Accident Scene

It’s against the law to leave the scene of an accident where there’s property damage or injury without first exchanging information with the other driver. Without the other person’s name, address, and insurance information, an Accident Attorney in Bowie may find it hard to obtain proper compensation for the client.

Admitting Fault

If a person says anything that may be taken as an admission of responsibility, they’ll severely damage their claim. For instance, don’t apologize, especially if the other person caused the accident. Clients should be particularly careful when speaking to the other driver’s insurance company.

Not Gathering On-Scene Evidence

Photos of the accident scene are one of the most effective forms of evidence, as they can show how the incident happened and who’s at fault. When possible, try to take pictures before moving vehicles, and be sure to get images of all impact points, skid marks, and other relevant details.

Not Seeking Medical Attention

Even if a person feels fine after an auto accident, they should see a physician. Adrenaline effectively masks the pain of an injury, and a victim may not realize that they’re hurt. It’s crucial to seek medical care because the doctor’s diagnosis will serve as evidence to back up the claim.

Accepting an Initial Settlement Offer

In most accident cases, compensation comes from the responsible party’s insurer. Many times, the insurer sends a settlement offer or check, but it’s important to remember that those offers are usually far less than the victim deserves. It’s best to ask an Accident Attorney in Bowie to review any settlement offer that’s under consideration.

Not Hiring an Attorney

Hiring an accident lawyer to handle the claim is advantageous for various reasons. First, the lawyer will negotiate with the insurer on the victim’s behalf. Second, the attorney will help the client quantify their damages and fight for the compensation they deserve. Call the Jaklitsch Law Group today to request a consultation.